R.Harris Photography/Custom Car & Truck Photos

R.Harris Photography /Custom Car & Truck Altered Photographs

    This gallery is a collection of Custom cars and trucks that I have photographed over the years a various car shows in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. I spend a lot of time on Friday nights at Tim Hortons and KMS Tools in Langley, B.C. where car guys come out every Friday to show off their cars and socialize with everyone. I like photographing cars at Timmy's and KMS because you can get a more one on one with the owners of the cars.

    These following photos feature cars that I have taken and then altered the backgrounds to remove or alter the picture to create unique one of a kind photographs. All the photos I use for backgrounds have also been taken be myself from all over. By turning a simple picture taken in a Tim Hortons parking lot, and turning them into custom photographs to have hanging on your wall in your home, office, shop, or man cave are so much fun to do.

Custom Car Show Photos by R.Harris Photography