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This Gallery features a unique collection of Custom Car Photographs that have changed out the backgrounds or somehow created special effects and add-ons to create one of a kind photo images. Here is a before and after example of the kind of images I create. Below is a Gallery containing lots of photos I have taken at KMS Tools and Tim Hortons this year. I am adding to this gallery all the time so check back regularly to see new ones. If you find a photo of a car you own in my regular 2016/2017 Custom Car Galleries and would like me to do something creative with it just drop me a message along with a file number that you will find uner the photo when you scroll your cursor over the pic. you can email me at rharrisphotos@gmail.com and I will work on a creation for you.

This gallery is a second collection of custom altered car photography that I have done from 2017 on. Volume one just got too full so I wanted to start a new gallery.

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(Original size files are full resolution files that you can use over and over for your own personal use. Get prints, enlargements or whatever you need yourself by having the downloaded file)

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